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Prolonged Sprite Magic Efficiency

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Prolonged Sprite Magic Efficiency Empty Prolonged Sprite Magic Efficiency

Post  ShadowDx on Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:28 pm

Aight, so what is "prolonged efficiency"? The short version is send our sprite to gather mats while still keeping the Magic Efficiency status, that our sprites randomly get after a task.
Anyways let's skip for the good stuff. How to:

1.Get the Magic Efficiency status. So, just give your sprite a task on either hunting, foraging or mining
until it gets said status. You can choose any mats meaning you can simply get bronze ores until you get the status since fetching these takes less time.

2.This "buff" works in a similar way as a exp charm. That is there's two timers in game, for the sake of simplicity I'll call it the "Logged Timer" and the Server Timer. The logged timer is simply a timer that starts when you log in and stops when you log off. Ther Server timer however, never stops. Since the buff uses the Logged Timer, and the fetching task works as a Server Timer, if we send our sprite with the buff status on a task, and log out of the game, the logged timer will freeze, but the server timer won't.

3.Assuming you logged off, you now need to wait the same time as you would on a normal task while logged off. After that, you can simply go back online, get the mats that you wanted and repeat the whole process (except the first one).

4.(Optional - by StIgnatious ) after presenting the prolonged efficiency, Stig, improved it with two things that can make this gathering better and without having to go back online so often. The first one ( and fairly obvious ) is to use sprite gear that provides better chances of getting adicional mats. The second one is to use Proteins so you can sent your sprite in more than one task while still keeping the efficiency.

Hope this piece of info will be usefull to everyone, and do ask your questions if such is the case.

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