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Crit Rate & Crit Dmg

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Crit Rate & Crit Dmg Empty Crit Rate & Crit Dmg

Post  Eisenmeteor on Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:39 am

This guide works better for lower lvl chars, since they can't max crit rate or dmg (Over 300%)

without making it too complicated, you can use this formula to get your DMG:RATE ratio:

(TCDmg+50)/TCrate = Dmg:Rate

TCDmg = Total Critical Damage = Extra damage you get from prefixes (Death), talents, stones, etc.

TCRate = Total Critical Rate = Your char critical rate, as shown on "Character" tab

Once you find that value, compare it with 5.33 (8/1.5, or 16/3).

If the value is lower than 5.33, add crit dmg, if it's higher, add crit rate.


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