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PvP Templar? Beware of text jumping out at you! (Personal thoughts)

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PvP Templar? Beware of text jumping out at you! (Personal thoughts) Empty PvP Templar? Beware of text jumping out at you! (Personal thoughts)

Post  Jaehyo Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:11 am

This one won't have fancy picture like my dungeon guide, but, I hope that it will be informational for you. If you have your own personal opinions or you don't agree with me, feel free to get it out there Very Happy I might learn a few things from it too!

Key: Underlined= Important Highlighted= Must.

PvP for templar is easy, if you know how. Gear and TALENTS are very crucial!

Armor Level 70:

You need the 65 pvp set. The stats are much better than sprite sets. The extra damage, hit rate and crit rate are completely useless. The mana usage reduction might help.. But your relic makes up for that. You can stack, but you lose a lot of benefits from the 65 pvp set. The 65 pvp set has -25% crit hit rate. You will get crit a lot less :3. The +15% shield block is also very helpful! You can stack that with Absolute Defense. That right there is A LOT of damage reduction, from magic as well. And last be not least, a templar has to kill right? The final 5 piece bonus is 25% chance to slow down 50% enemy movement.

The killing, slaughtering.. whatever you would like to call it:

The most trolling way to kill someone is if they can't run away from you, even with Escape Without A Trace!

Take that 5 piece bonus from pvp set, it -50% run speed!!! Stack that with Terra Ripple and Absolute Defense (only useful if the enemy has hit you and has AD inflicted on them) and final new skill we get :3 Realm of Holy Light (stacked 4 times= -32% movement speed) They can't move at all (-182% movement speed total) Don't worry about DS' shadow slipping from you, once they shadow slip, they cant run fast enough because the debuffs will still be on them, use ETERNAL RADIANCE AND NOTHING ELSE!! To flush them out. Why you ask? Magic has a higher hit rate than physical and the range on that skill is HUGE! Once you got that movement speed debuffs on them, or work it in as you hit them, time and/or combo your two shield bashes so you can also keep them in a stun lock (if enemy is stunnable of course) They will never get away from you and you will just whittle away their hp. Even if they have sleep hammer, or do the root and run away, you can cure blight, and all your debuffs stacked on like that will last longer than their 5 second sleep. Don't forget for DS/SS/Mystics that you use Weakening strike and saintly blade. Lowers their evade and ups your hit rate. You might not have to if you dont have the 60 relic which gives 100% hit rate. Saves time. Oh, one more thing. Realm of holy light, terra ripple will give them -72% attack speed, they will barely do any damage on you Razz But don't forget about their own buffs and Sprite miscs..

How to tank... self explanatory?:

Tanking, very possible to tank people without the 65 shield, in 70 arena especially! All you have to do is literally keep FBS on perm, Absolute defense and Realm of holy Light. AOE terra ripplea lot to slow their attacks on you, and keep leeching hp from crystal if you are near, if not, use sleep hammer and heal yourself. Slowly pick them off one by one, you have won, congratz.

Ancient talents, talent combos:

For level 70 pvp, you want to use Wind Samarai, a talent that you must have at level 4 would be Lightfoot Stance 4 and Light arms 4. As ancient Talents, I suggest Deadly Destruction: hit rate +10% and crit rate +5%. Hatred Creation: Attack speed +8%, malice +10%. Really helpful AT mainly for attack speed in pvp, more hits you let out, the faster you get the job done. And finally, the other AT you can get at lvl 70 would be Brilliant Battle: Phys dmg +5%. Why this and not the double attack? The double attack might seem all cool, but the actual double hits doesn't hit as hard as your normal attack. And some players you need pure physical damage to kill, like other templars that are not geared as well, or tanky warlords with shields. Pure DPS, double hit is not pure DPS, since it does less damage than your hits without the AT.


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PvP Templar? Beware of text jumping out at you! (Personal thoughts) Empty Templar Level 70 DPS Build

Post  ShadowDx Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:37 pm

Aight, first and foremost, this seems somewhat focused on level 70 PvP so that's where I'll focus... I'd like to share a build I'm thinking of eventually making for an alt temp. First and foremost do pay in mind that this build is rather Damage focused and as such you'll have less survivability, also do have in mind that this build is for the time being theoretical and as such I can't say how good or bad this would work on actual PvP.

Armor: 70 Alch Set
- Light Resistance +60%,
- STR+21,
- Physical Critical Rate +5%
- Shield Smite damage +30%,
- Ranged Attack Damage -40%
- Movement Speed +15%,
- Attacks have a 30% chance of triple attack damage.

Before covering weapons, let's see the good sides of this armor wich is from a DPS perspective... almost perfect, skill damage, tripple attack with 30%, movement speed ( actually more important than some peopel might think ), crit rate, and ranged atk reduction ( wich also is pretty useful since SS are OP). For prefixes I'd either go Blessed or Perservering

- Siropas ( lvl 60 Two Handed Sword ) - 20% chance of 100% Crit Rate and Damage on attaking for 10 seconds.
- Hegemon Blade ( lvl 70 Two Handed Sword ) - 20% of Anti-Stun on attacked for 8 Seconds.
- Tons of others for situational purposes ( Sleep Hammer, LoC, 65 Axe, 70 Axe / Leech Sword )

So... why you ask? Well Siropas has a great procc that allows for very good DPS, and Hegemon has higher attack stats as well as twice as much Str, also the anti stun CAN be helpful, even though that's secondary. The rest of them would be situational, sleep hammer + shield when being ganged, leech sword or 70 axe for xtall and so on. ( Accuracy or Spotless on the swords thought spotless seems to be better )

- Eye of God ( lvl 59 relic ) - 15% chance when attacking: Close-range hit +100%
- Saintly Icon ( lvl 70 relic) - 15% chance when attacked: Magic damage recieved -100%

Pretty sure I don't need to explain why those are useful right? Rip evasion classes with 59 relic ( and Saintly Blade buff if you're still having trouble / Weakening blow ). And for those damn AM's Saintly Icon.

Talents and ATs are pretty much the usual ( Wind Samurai Combo ), though I'd probably go for Double Damage AT. All masteries +10 and I'd go with Damage Reduction and Str to +15. ( Hit rate wouldn't be a bad choice as well ). Accessories should have hit and attack speed. Title would be Guardian of Saphael or Deserted Temple Seeker ( since Chimera's title shouldn't be avaiable for lvl 70's ). I think that should cover it all up so... let me hear your thoughts and doubts, all constructive criticism will be encouraged xD. Oh, forgot to add something, ideally you should have 3 sprites, one with def- to DPS, a phys damage reduction one ( ganged ) and one dedicated to mages ( mag def emblem and m-damage reduction). You may want to use Attack speed instead of the phys dmg reduction one. ( Def sprite + armor break = -60% def ) xD

( also, I might do a class by class How to fight in the future ( I'll focus on 70 again even though most can be applied to later levels ))

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PvP Templar? Beware of text jumping out at you! (Personal thoughts) Empty Hmmmm..

Post  Jaehyo Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:10 am

Shadow, that is a pretty good build, I can visual it better than when you talked about it in guildchat.


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PvP Templar? Beware of text jumping out at you! (Personal thoughts) Empty Re: PvP Templar? Beware of text jumping out at you! (Personal thoughts)

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