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PVP and Dungeon for props

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PVP and Dungeon for props  Empty PVP and Dungeon for props

Post  AngelicDemon on Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:21 am

Some tips I have to give to you other amazing prophets. Cool

Being A Support In Dungeons:The talent combo i use is mainly Bishop. Mainly because you need to cast fast when other people in ur dungon party are losing HP fast.When in a dungeon and someone does die but there are monsters in the way where u cant get to them normally.The skill combo i use to get to them,heal,and buff fast are these skills by each step.Step one cast Glory Escape 1 after you get to your target to heal the second that skill goes away use step 2 ,Step 2 is to use potential Release then quickly for step 3 cast Prayer of Resurrections 3,Defense blessing,Attack blessing,and if you have this skill proverbs of potential 1.

When In PVP If You Need To Defend Yourself: One skill that saves my ass a lot in pvp if i need time to heal or just go full on attack is Sacred Spirits Impact 1.Now if the person who is attacking you is immune to that skill then pray to god that your skill Glory Escape 1 can get the attacker off of you.


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