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Guild quests lvl 56-60 in Gaia Woodlands

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Guild quests lvl 56-60 in Gaia Woodlands Empty Guild quests lvl 56-60 in Gaia Woodlands

Post  AngelicDemon on Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:27 pm

Some guild quest u can do and some along with the Gaia Woodland rep quests.The ones for Kaslow are L57. Ruins Investigation (REP) Defeat 30 Woodland Defender,Defeat 30 Woodland Protector,Defeat 30 Woodland Forsaken,Defeat 30 Woodland Warrior. L59. Poison Mist (REP) Defeat 30 Wind Scouter,Defeat 30 Wind Guardian,Defeat 30 Thousand- Year Flower,Defeat 30 Thousand- Year Fiendish Flower. For Ilya are L57. Riot (REP) Defeat 30 Ancient Treant,Defeat 30 Timeless Treant,Defeat 30 Gaia Black Bear,Defeat 30 Great Woodland Bear. L59. Price of Justice (REP) Defeat 30 Dark Worm,Defeat 30 Dark Corrosion Worm,Defeat 30 Stone Sword Keeper,Defeat 30 Stone Sword Servant.Those quests will help you get more gold,exp,fame for the cities,and guild exp

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